Hexagon Titan XL Approved, XNG Order

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New Order Is Worth Some $8 Million Plus a $16 Million Option
And Will Allow ‘Greater Reliability Through Volume Efficiencies,’
DoT Titan Permit Is Extended to Include Include Heavier XL Model

Hexagon Lincoln has reported a new order from Xpress Natural Gas for Hexagon’s Titan XL tube trailers for transporting compressed natural gas. The order is worth an estimated $8 million, Hexagon says, with deliveries to commence in the fourth quarter. Hexagon reported today that it’s received U.S. DoT approval of the high-capacity Titan XL model.

XNG Order News Was Initially Posted on June 27

Quantum for $8.4m Q-VP650 Order

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Multi-Cylinder Trailer Orders for XNG Virtual Pipeline

Quantum Fuel Systems has disclosed a purchase order from Xpress Natural Gas for $8.4 million worth of compressed natural gas equipment for XNG’s “virtual pipeline” services – and said that the deal includes options for 20 additional trailers worth $13 million more.

Xpress Natural Gas Broadens Its Scope

October 21, 2015 in CNG, Industrial, Infrastructure by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

Moving Forward in Washington State, Tackling Virginia Too

Boston-based Xpress Natural Gas, which provides compressed natural gas to industrial customers in New England and New York State – delivering the fuel via tube trailers towed by CNG-powered tractors – is moving ahead with its expansion to Washington State and is setting up a similar network based in Appomattox, Va.

XNG for CNG in Manheim – & Tacoma

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Trucks Running on CNG Deliver CNG to NE Industrial Customers,
XNG Now in Permitting for a Washington Compression Facility, Too

Direct Energy Business and Xpress Natural Gas report that their compressed natural gas facility in Manheim, N.Y. (between Schenectady and Syracuse) is fully operational, providing fuel to regional customers via a fleet of Hexagon Titan tube trailers. And, XNG is in the permitting process for a second compression installation in Tacoma, Wash., says executive VP for sales Matt Smith.

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