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Hexagon Enters New J.V. for CNG for Rail

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‘Hexagon Rail’ Is Established with ACES and Resonance Mode,
‘Confident that CNG Will Become the Railroad Fuel of the Future’

Hexagon Composites, through its Hexagon Lincoln unit in Nebraska, has entered into a joint venture agreement with ACES/Allegheny Creative Energy Solutions and Colorado Springs-based Resonance Mode to promote and supply equipment for compressed natural gas as a locomotive fuel.

Hexagon Titan XL Approved, XNG Order

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New Order Is Worth Some $8 Million Plus a $16 Million Option
And Will Allow ‘Greater Reliability Through Volume Efficiencies,’
DoT Titan Permit Is Extended to Include Include Heavier XL Model

Hexagon Lincoln has reported a new order from Xpress Natural Gas for Hexagon’s Titan XL tube trailers for transporting compressed natural gas. The order is worth an estimated $8 million, Hexagon says, with deliveries to commence in the fourth quarter. Hexagon reported today that it’s received U.S. DoT approval of the high-capacity Titan XL model.

XNG Order News Was Initially Posted on June 27

Railpower for IHB’s CNG Locomotives

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21 Locomotives to Start with OptiFuel Systems
Involving Hexagon Tanks in Mainstay Assemblies,
Questar for CNG Fueling Using ANGI Energy Gear

The players are in place for Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad’s long-awaited project to convert switcher locomotives to compressed natural gas, HHP Insight was told today.

IHB's CNG project has been in gestation for more than three years (HHP Insight, October 28, 2013).

IHB’s CNG project has been in gestation for more than three years (HHP Insight, October 28, 2013).

A project kickoff meeting was held yesterday, says a key source.

R.J. Corman Railpower Locomotive of Nicholasville, Ky. is to fit an initial 21 SW1500 units by EMD with Caterpillar C18 engines, two per locomotive, capable of operating on CNG.

No Tender Cars

The locomotives will each have 11 large (26-by-100-inch) lightweight Type IV CNG fuel cylinders by Hexagon Lincoln in assemblies by Mainstay Fuel Technologies (Greer, S.C.), working under contract to Beaufort, S.C.-based Optifuel Systems.

The locomotives are expected to be able to operate for seven days without fueling, says HHPI’s source.

Utah-based Questar is to provide a CNG fueling station, using equipment from ANGI Energy.

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Hexagon Smartstore for the U.S. Market

June 1, 2016 in Certifications, CNG, Industrial by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

Virtual Pipeline Unit Uses 15 Magnum’ CNG Tanks

Hexagon Lincoln reports U.S. DoT approval of its Smartstore module for compressed natural gas in the U.S. The enhanced Smartstore product is a 20-foot unit capable of carrying up to 245,000 standard cubic feet of natural gas (water volume is 23,175 liters).

IHB Wants CNG for 21 Locomotives

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The Railroad Will Provide Two SW1500 Units for Repowering
Using OptiFuel C18-OF Dual Fuel Engines & Hexagon CNG Tanks

The Chicago-girding Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad is evaluating new proposals for its long-gestating project to operate short-range switcher locomotives on compressed natural gas. The winning PV – potential vendor – is to use Caterpillar C18-based OptiFuel C18-OF dual fuel engines and Type IV CNG cylinders from Hexagon Lincoln to repower two SW1500 locomotives for testing.

Hexagon to Move Biomethane in UK

February 24, 2016 in Biofuels, biomethane, CNG, Companies, Industrial by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

Order for ‘SmartStore’ Modules Is Worth $3.8 Million U.S.

Hexagon Composites said Monday that its Hexagon Lincoln subsidiary in Nebraska has secured an order worth $3.8 million U.S. for its “SmartStore” modules, to be used to transport biomethane in Britain.

NG Advantage for International Paper

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Agreement for the Ticonderoga Plant in Upstate New York
Marks ‘Highest Volume Use of Trucked CNG To-Date in U.S.’

Vermont’s NG Advantage reports a pact with International Paper to supply natural gas to a mill in Ticonderoga, N.Y. NG Advantage, a unit of Clean Energy Fuels, says that when the operation commences next month, it will be “the highest volume use of trucked CNG to-date in the U.S.”

NG Advantage Takes Place of the Pipe

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Fleet of Tube Trailers Delivers Natural Gas to Industrial Users,
Adding CNG Capacity in New Hampshire with Clean Energy Fuels

NG Advantage is talking up just over a year of shipping natural gas to off-the-pipeline industrial users in Vermont, New Hampshire and northern Massachusetts. The firm uses a fleet of compressed natural gas tube trailers – currently standing at 27 units – to do so.

Certarus CNG for Western Canada E&P

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‘There’s an Advantage Now Evolving’ over LNG for Drill Rigs

Canadian start-up Certarus is supplying compressed natural gas for drilling rigs in Alberta, using a distributed compression model to pare transportation costs while avoiding the expenses associated with liquefaction.

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