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GFS Adds Dual Fuel for Caterpillar 785

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Mine Fleet Conversion Order Prompts New Products

Florida’s GFS Corp (for Gaseous Fuel Systems) is introducing new Evo-MT 7850 and Evo-WL 9920 kits to convert Caterpillar 785 mine trucks and 9920 loaders to liquefied natural gas-diesel dual fuel operation.

Teck Testing LNG in Mine Haul Trucks

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Six Komatsu Trucks with GFS Dual Fuel & FortisBC Support:
‘First Use of LNG as a Haul Truck Fuel at a Canadian Mine Site’

Teck Resources said Wednesday that it’s testing liquefied natural gas fuel in six mine haul trucks at its Fording River steelmaking coal operation in southeast British Columbia – “marking the first use of LNG as a haul truck fuel at a Canadian mine site.”

GFS Adds Dual Fuel for Caterpillar 793Ds

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‘The Next Natural Step Is to Roll Out Additional Versions’

Florida’s GFS Corp has announced a new version of its Evo-MT 7930 liquefied natural gas-diesel dual fuel upfit kits – for Caterpillar 793D mine trucks.

GFS for Arch Coal: Ten More DF Trucks

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Kits for Komatsu 930Es for Wyoming’s Black Thunder Mine

Florida-based GFS Corp is to announce this coming week that Arch Coal in Wyoming will field ten more Komatsu 930E mine trucks with liquefied natural gas-diesel duel fuel systems.

GFS DF for Arch: Komatsu 930Es

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Four More Trucks to Join Two 830Es from Early 2014

Florida’s GFS Corp is announcing today that Arch Coal is converting nearly a quarter of its Komatsu haul truck fleet at its Black Thunder Mine in Wyoming to LNG-diesel dual fuel.

GFS Names FNX as Distributor in Peru

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FNX Will Handle Evo-MT Systems for LNG Dual Fuel Mine Trucks

GFS Corp has appointed FNX Technologies as its exclusive distributor in Peru for liquefied natural gas-diesel dual fuel conversion systems marketed as Evo-MT.

Plum Energy LNG for Alpha Coal Trucks

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28,500 Gallons Per Day Should Allow Sale to Other Operators

Plum Energy has been selected to build a liquefied natural gas plant in Wyoming to fuel Caterpillar trucks operated by Alpha Coal West, parent Alpha Natural Resources said Friday.

GFS for 16 LNG Alpha Mine Trucks

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12 More Caterpillar 793s with Evo-MT 7930 Dual Fuel Kits,
Fueling Is via Chart Orca Trucks with Gas from Prometheus

GFS Corp has secured an order from Wyoming’s Alpha Coal West for Evo-MT 7930 kits to convert the entire fleet of Caterpillar 793 trucks at Alpha’s Eagle Butte mine to LNG-diesel dual fuel operation. Sixteen of the huge trucks will be able to offset the high diesel usage with liquefied natural gas.


GFS Dual Fuel for GE and Komatsu

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New Evo ‘NG+D’ Systems for Locomotives and Large Mine Trucks

GFS Corp introduced new Evo brand dual fuel engine upfit equipment for locomotives and LMTs – large mine trucks – at HHP Summit 2013 in Chicago. Both are branded as NG+D, for natural gas plus diesel.

Wyoming Gov. Mead at HHP Summit

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Chief Executive of Energy-Rich State to Speak September 17

Organizers of HHP Summit 2013 have confirmed Wyoming Governor Matt Mead as the luncheon keynote speaker on Tuesday, September 17. HHP Summit 2013 takes place September 17-19 at the McCormick Lakeside Center in Chicago.

Wyoming is the nation’s third leading producer of natural gas, with 2.143 trillion cubic feet produced in 2011 – and more than 35 trillion cubic feet of natural gas in reserves, which is 12% of the U.S. total

Governor Mead at HHP Summit

Wyoming Gov. Matt Mead

Wyoming supplies natural gas to homes and businesses in 34 states.

Discounted Registrations Remain Available

The state is the eighth largest oil producer in the U.S. There as elsewhere, states the Governor’s office, hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling are significantly changing oil and gas production. Both drilling and hydraulic fracturing operators are turning to natural gas to power their high horsepower operations.

Wyoming is also the scene of trials of natural gas-powered Caterpillar mine haul trucks, converted to LNG-diesel duel fuel operation by HHP Summit exhibitor GFS Corp.

Caterpillar VP Billy Ainsworth, president and CEO of the company’s Progress Rail Services and subsidiaries including Electro-Motive Diesel, will open the HHP Summit with the Tuesday morning keynote address.

HHP Summit registration is discounted through September 12.

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