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Florida East Coast Railway Runs LNG

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Approval in Hand to Operate Jacksonville-Miami
As Affiliate New Fortress Has a Miami LNG Facility

The Florida East Coast Railway has begun full-system, revenue-service trials of liquefied natural gas fuel, running an LNG-diesel duel fuel train between Jacksonville and Miami for the first time on June 8, according to a published report.

24 ES44C4s for Florida East Coast

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GE Units Are to Be Delivered by Year-End|
To Line Considering Switching to LNG Fuel

The Florida East Coast Railway is publicizing its order for 24 new ES44C4 locomotives from GE Transportation. All of the Tier 3 units are to be delivered by year-end.

FECRFECR is considering a switch to liquefied natural gas, and is expected to test the clean fuel on modified ES44C4s – four converted locomotives in pairs with two LNG tenders, starting with a 116-mile test zone south of Jacksonville (HHP Insight, June 28).

As government clearance is pursued for LNG, FECR says it will use the new GE units in thru-freight, heavy haul service on its 351-mile mainline route between Jacksonville and Miami.

“These locomotives will provide the fuel-efficient power we need to support current operations and the future growth of the railroad,” senior mechanical, engineering and purchasing VP Fran Chinnici said in a release.

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Source: FECR with HHP Insight follow-up

Florida Railroad Wants to Test LNG

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FRA and Related Approvals Sought for FEC Pilot Project
To Initially Involve Four GE Locomotives & Two Tenders

The Florida East Coast Railway is seeking approval from the Federal Railroad Administration and other relevant authorities for a trial of liquefied natural gas-diesel dual fuel locomotives, starting with a 116-mile test zone south of Jacksonville.

GE: Low Pressure for Locomotive LNG

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‘NextFuel’ Locomotive Trials with BNSF and CSX Railroads Are Planned for 2014
‘One of the Most Significant Developments Since Transition from Steam to Diesel’

GE Transportation will apply its “NextFuel” conversions of Evolution 3000 series locomotives for upcoming trials with the BNSF and CSX railroads. The low-pressure system allows the engines to run on 100% diesel in case there is a problem with liquefied natural gas availability or with onboard fuel delivery.

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GE Transportation Plans LNG Kits

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Equipment for Retrofits to Precede Factory LNG Locomotives

GE Transportation is preparing for pilot trials of kits for converting its Evolution locomotives to dual fuel LNG-diesel operation, and expects to make the kits commercially available before it begins production of LNG-capable locomotives in the factory.

Clean Energy LNG for GE Locomotives

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Pact Disclosed in Road to Natural Gas Document from Clean Energy Fuels

Clean Energy Fuels – the T. Boone Pickens company that provides much of the for the natural gas vehicles on North American roads – has a pact with GE Transportation to provide liquefied natural gas for a GE initiative to test LNG locomotives, according to the fourth edition of the company’s Road to Natural Gas, released Monday.

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