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Lloyd’s, GE, and HHI for Turbine C-Ships

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Turbine-Powered ‘14K’ Vessels for Maximum Efficiency and Speed
Represent a ‘New Vision’ for Building & Operating Container Ships

Lloyd’s Register has teamed with GE and Hyundai Heavy Industries to design container ships that would use turbine engine power for “maximum efficiency and operational speed flexibility.” updated March 24

GE Gets Lloyd’s Nod for Marine Turbine

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Aeroderivative LM6000PG ‘Effortlessly Achieved 42 Megawatts’

GE Marine and GE Oil & Gas reported certification of the marine module package design for the company’s LM6000PG aeroderivative gas turbine by Lloyd’s Register and RINA Services. The module “effortlessly achieved 42 megawatts” of power – upwards of 56,000 horsepower – at tests in Massa, Italy.

GE-DSIC LNG Carrier Design Gets LR Nod

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Turbine-Powered COGES Design Gets Approval-in-Principal

GE Marine and China’s Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Company said at the Marintec China show in Shanghai Tuesday that they received Lloyd’s Register AIP/Approval in Principle for their turbine-powered COGES (COmbined Gas turbine, Electric and Steam) liquefied natural gas carrier design.

GE for Francisco LNG Turbine Service

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Ten-Year Pact to Maintain Twin LM2500 Turbine Engines

GE Marine said this week that it will provide Buenos Aires-based Buquebus with a customized service agreement supporting the two LM2500 turbine engines that power the fast ferry Francisco.

GE Turbines for Another Warship

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Twin LM2500s for Manufacturer’s Hometown Namesake

GE Marine is publicizing an order for two more of its LM2500 aeroderivative turbine engines, noting that the 29,500-horsepower units will power the U.S. Navy’s new USS Cincinnati, an LCS, for littoral combat ship, the Navy’s 20th. The engines will be manufactured at GE’s Evendale, Ohio facility.

HHI-GE COGES LNG Carrier Gets LR Nod

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Ship Would Mark Just Second Use of a Gas-Fueled Maritime Turbine

Korea’s Hyundai Heavy Industries reports development with GE Aviation and Marine of the world’s first gas turbine-powered liquefied natural gas carrier, and said the partners have secured AIP/Approval in Principle for a 174,000-cubic-meter vessel from UK-based Lloyd’s Register.

GE’s LM6000 Turbine Gets Lloyd’s Nod

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Lloyd’s Register’s ‘Design Appraisal’ Applies to Naval Vessel Rules

GE Marine’s LM6000 aeroderivative marine gas turbine has received Lloyd’s Register’s Design Appraisal Document to NVR Marine Naval Vessel Rules.

GE’s Gas-Capable Turbines for Ships

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But Sole Natural Gas Instance Thus Far Is the Francisco Ferry

GE’s jet engine-based LM2500+ turbine engines can run on natural gas fuel and have been embraced for their light weight and power by the performance-demanding operators of hundreds of ships.

GE Turbine for China LNG Carrier Design

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Project with DSIC and Lloyd’s Will Show Power Density Advantages
As ECA Regulations Effectively Remove Turbines’ Fuel Price Impediment

GE Marine, China’s Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Company and Lloyd’s Register have unveiled the initial design for a turbine-powered LNG carrier they say will combine low life-cycle cost, high environmental performance, and increased flexibility.


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