CNSS Spells Out the LNG Challenges

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Report Tells Why It’s Desirable, and What Needs to Be Done

Clean North Sea Shipping has issued a comprehensive report detailing the whys and wherefores of liquefied natural gas as a marine fuel, explaining why LNG has become an attractive alternative to heavier liquids, and enumerating the many challenges that stand in the way of widespread adoption.

Shell’s Broad LNG Strategy

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Will Use Gas for Its Own E&P and Marine Needs,
ile Fostering the Supply for Trucks and Trains

Shell Oil has released more details of how it will use liquefied natural gas for its own Exploration and Production and related transportation needs, while at the same time stepping up production of LNG for E&P, marine, over-the-road truck and rail markets.

LNG Barge for Cruise Ship Charge

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LNG-Powered Cold Ironing Is to Commence Next Year in Hamburg

A floating LNG-fueled power plant will provide electricity to moored cruise ships, says Rostock, Germany-based Aida Cruises, which is building a barge-borne facility with Becker Marine Systems for operation in Hamburg in autumn 2013.

Shell Agrees to Buy Norway’s Gasnor

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$74 Million Deal Thrusts Shell into Downstream LNG Leadership Role

Shell disclosed a share purchase agreement for the remainder of Norway’s Gasnor, supplier of liquefied natural gas to the world-leading LNG marine sector there. The deal, expected to close in the third quarter subject to Norwegian regulatory approvals, will bring Shell three small scale production plants and distribution assets including two tanker ships, a fleet of trucks and a network of terminals.

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