Alaska Railroad Cleared to Move LNG

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ISO Container Purchases Will Be by Individual Customers

The Alaska Railroad Corporation has received Federal Railroad Administration approval to transport liquefied natural gas via ISO containers from new production facilities to customers in the interior of the state. updated November 19

ARRCARRC is the first U.S. railroad to secure such FRA approval, according to COO Doug Engebretson.

“This was a completely new process since there are no current regulations that allow for LNG movement by rail,” Engebretson told Progressive Railroading. “This is unchartered ground.”

ARRC earlier this year cited an existing facility at Cook Inlet’s Port MacKenzie (near Anchorage) that supplies Fairbanks Natural Gas, and a new $600 million facility planned by WesPac Midstream as potential LNG sources (HHP Insight, September 10, 2014).

FRA has stipulated that ARRC

  • operate no more two trains carrying per week a maximum if eight ISO containers of LNG;
  • perform at least one track geometry car inspection and four internal rail-flaw inspections annually;
  • provide training to crews operating LNG-carrying trains and emergency responders along LNG routes;
  • prohibit double stacking of the ISO tanks; and
  • notify FRA monthly as to the number of LNG containers shipped.

Customers will supply the ISO containers used to transport LNG in Alaska, an ARRC spokesman told HHPi.

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Source: Published report with HHP Insight follow-up

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