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Eagle LNG Starts Jacksonville Building

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Construction Has Begun for Facility to Support Crowley LNG Ships

Eagle LNG said Tuesday that it’s begun construction of its liquefied natural gas plant in West Jacksonville, Fla. The facility will have an initial capacity of 87,000 gallons of LNG per day, rising to 200,000 gallons. It will include a 1,000,000-gallon storage tank and a truck loading system.

Cosmodyne for Eagle LNG at Jaxport

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Liquefaction Unit Is for Eagle LNG’s Marine Ship Fueling

Cosmodyne says it will supply a natural gas liquefier to Eagle LNG Partners for Eagle’s LNG marine bunkering activities at the Port of Jacksonville, Fla. The liquefaction unit features Cosmodyne’s nitrogen refrigeration technology to reliably produce high quality LNG fuel.

Cosmodyne liquefiers of the type to be employed for Eagle LNG in Florida.

Cosmodyne liquefiers of the type to be employed for Eagle LNG in Florida.

“The plant will deliver great operating flexibility,” Cosmodyne says, “allowing Eagle LNG to easily increase and decrease production in response to fluctuating market demand while maintaining high energy efficiency.

“This unique load-following ability to turn down production without an efficiency penalty is ideal for LNG plants deployed in markets where demand volume is developing or variable.”

‘Unique Benfits’

“Eagle LNG evaluated various supply options,” Eagle engineering VP David Stevenson says in the Cosmodyne announcement.

“Cosmodyne demonstrated the unique benefits of their technology, including the simplicity and flexibility of operating their system.

Equally important is Cosmodyne’s commitment and dedication to work with us as a true, long-term project partner,” Stevenson said.

Eagle Is to Supply Crowley Ships

“Eagle LNG is an innovative leader in the micro-liquefaction industry,” said Cosmodyne GM George Pappagelis. “We will provide a reliable and cost-effective system that satisfies the unique needs of the new market it will serve, providing ships with LNG fuel.”

Crowley Maritime said last month that Eagle would supply fuel for the two LNG-powered Commitment-class container ships for the Puerto Rico trade it is now building in Texas. The vessels are to be ready in 2017, as will be a new, 200,000-gallon-per-day (87,000 gallons daily initially) natural gas liquefaction plant in Jacksonville, Crowley said (HHP Insight, December 16).

Separately, Eagle reported today that it’s filed an additional application with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for a separate LNG export facility also planned for Jacksonville.

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Source: Cosmodyne with HHP Insight follow-up

Eagle LNG Takes Wing in Florida

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Clean Energy Fuels Talks Up Marine Fueling Possibilities
For Jacksonville Plant Using GE’s MicroLNG Equipment

Clean Energy Fuels said Tuesday that it’s moving to buy land in Jacksonville, Fla. to build a liquefied natural gas plant serving marine, truck and rail markets. It would be the first project to be developed by Eagle LNG Partners, the new consortium of Clean Energy, GE Ventures, GE Energy Financial Services and Ferus Natural Gas Fuels.

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