ABS, Partners Target LNG Bulk Carriers

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LNG-Fueled Vessels Are to Go Big with ‘Project Forward,’
Wärtsilä Says Its 31DF Is Likely to Power the New Breed

ABS and partners are re-doubling their efforts to bring liquefied natural gas fuel to a large and challenging marine market – the long-range bulk carrier. ABS is teamed with Arista Shipping, Deltamarin, GTT and now Wärtsilä for “Project Forward” for the design and eventual deployment of LNG-powered vessels with membrane fuel tanks.

Deltamarin for Two LNG Bulk Carriers

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Dual Fuel Ships to Be Built in China for Finland’s ESL Shipping

Finland’s Deltamarin reports a contract to design the world’s first liquefied natural gas-fueled bulk carriers, and says that two B.Delta26LNG vessels will be built for ESL Shipping, also of Finland, at the Qingshan Shipyard in China.

Deltamarin and Arista for LNG Ships

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‘Project Forward’ Joint Development Initiative with ABS and GTT
Targets LNG-Fueled Bulk Carriers, Both Newbuilds and Retrofits

Partners including Deltamarin, Arista Shipping, ABS and GTT are cooperating “to equip the dry bulk carriers of the future with LNG propulsion.” updated October 26

Deltamarin Proposes Dual Fuel Ferry

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Compact DeltaLinx Designed For Short Coastal Routes

Deltamarin introduced a design for a liquefied natural gas dual fuel ferry at the BaltExpo 2015 exhibition in Gdańsk, Poland last week.

Deltamarin Offers LNG-Ready Option

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A.Delta2300 ‘Provides a Flexible Platform for a Whole Series Of Designs’

Liquefied natural gas-ready is among the options as Finland-based Deltamarin promotes a new container ship design. The goal is best-in-class in terms of cargo capacity, flexibility and fuel economy.

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