Skangass for Fjord Line’s All-LNG Ferries

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Second Rolls-Powered Dedicated-Natural Gas Vessel Delivered,
Skangass Affirms Bunkering Facility to Operate with Passengers

Norway’s Fjord Line has taken delivery of the dedicated-liquefied natural gas ferry Bergensfjord, which fuel supplier Skangass will support from its just-opened facility at Risavika, close to Stavanger.  Fueling will be allowed with passengers on board.

Bergensfjord is the Fjord Line's secnd dedicated-LNG ferry, with Rolls-Royce Bergen engines.

Bergensfjord is the Fjord Line’s secnd dedicated-LNG ferry, with Rolls-Royce Bergen engines.

The 558-foot Bergensfjord is the identical sister ship to Stavangerfjord, which entered service last year. Powered by Rolls-Royce Bergen engines, they are the world’s first dedicated-LNG ferries, serving the cities of Bergen, Stavanger and Langesund in Norway, and Hirtshals in Denmark.

Having both ships in operation will allow daily departures for passengers and freight from all four ports, says Fjord Line CEO Ingvald Fardal.

Six Months for Pipeline Supply

“This marks the beginning of a new era in ferry traffic,” he said in a release.

“Our plan is to do 100% of the LNG bunkering in Risavika,” Fardal told HHP Insight, noting that Fjord Lines has DSB (Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection) approval for a pipeline from Skangass to the Risavika terminal. “Construction has started and the pipe will be ready in six months.”

“Approval for short term bunkering in Risavika via truck, with passengers onboard the Fjord Line LNG ferries, is expected in the coming weeks,” Fardal says.

Skangass is to complete the permanent bunkering facility in Norway this summer. Fjord Line will have a back-up LNG storage facility in Denmark this year as well, Fardal says.

Cryonorm Plays Risavika Role

Rolls-Royce B3540V Bergen engine

Rolls-Royce B3540V Bergen engine

Cryonorm Projects of The Netherlands said last year that it would supply equipment for the Skangass LNG bunkering facility in Risavika.

Each of Fjord Line’s new 170-meter ferries, built by Stocznia Gdansk in Poland with finishing by Bergen Group Fosen in Norway, is powered by four dedicated-natural gas Bergen engines by Rolls-Royce Marine, generating a total of 29,500-horsepower.

The ships have twin 293-cubic-meter (77,400-gallon) LNG fuel tanks.

They each have space for 1,500 passengers, with 306 cabins and a vehicle deck for as many as 600 cars.

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Source: Fjord Line and Skangass with HHP Insight follow-up


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