Cryopeak Provides LNG Training in B.C.

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Hands-On LNG Safety Training for More BC Ferries and Seaspan

Cryopeak reports completing liquefied natural gas safety training for more than 100 mariners from BC Ferries and Seaspan Ferries, which have committed to deploying LNG-fueled passenger and freight ferries, respectively, in the Vancouver area.

Cryopeak for Shell Camp in Alberta

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LNG Storage and Vaporization for Carmon Creek Construction Camp

Vancouver-based Cryopeak LNG Solutions Corp says it will supply Shell Canada with storage and onsite regasification equipment for liquefied natural gas at the heavy oil construction camp at Carmon Creek, near Peace River in northern Alberta.

Cryopeak for LNG in North America

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New Entity Takes the Place of Dissolved Liquiline J.V.

Cryopeak is the new name for the Vancouver entity Liquiline LNG Solutions Corporation, which did business as Liquiline North America. As of July, reports CEO Calum McClure, the joint venture and license with Liquiline has ceased.

CryopeakCryopeak says it will continue to provide infrastructure and logistics solutions for liquefied natural gas projects currently underway or in development.

“Cryopeak remains committed to the LNG industry in North America, McClure said in a Friday afternoon announcement. “We are seeing continued uptake and progress in many sectors of the industry, and look forward to serving our new and existing customers.

Licenses and Approvals Transfer to Cryopeak

“As we move forward we look forward to providing updates on our progress,” McClure said, “as well as our logistics and infrastructure solutions which are focused specifically towards the North American market.”

Export licenses, operational approvals and certification of Canada LNG projects obtained in league with Liquiline all transfer to Cryopeak, McClure told HHP Insight.

Norway-based Liquiline said late last week that it “finds the opportunities in the North American LNG market very interesting and will continue its progress in the U.S. and Canada through a 100%-controlled venture.”

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Source: Cryopeak & Liquiline with HHP Insight follow-up


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