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LNG-DF MV Ireland Launched, Bunkered

April 14, 2016 in Dual Fuel, LNG, Marine, Milestones by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

Cryonorm Provides First LNG Bunkering of New Cement Carrier’

Ferus Smit launched the second of two liquefied natural gas-diesel dual fuel cement carriers, the MV Ireland, at its Westerbroek yard in the Netherlands last month, and three weeks later the Wärtsilä 34DF-powered ship received its first LNG, from Cryonorm Systems.

Cryonorm Is Ready for New LNG Barges

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Waterside Station in Holland Anticipates New River Vessels

Cryonorm Systems is spreading the word about a liquefied natural gas fueling station in The Netherlands, built with European Union support via the TEN-T program, that’s positioned to serve future natural gas-powered traffic on the River IJssel.

Wärtsilä & Cryonorm for Inland LNGPac

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Goal Is ‘a Standard LNG Fuel System for Inland Waterway Vessels’

Wärtsilä and Holland’s Cryonorm Systems have agreed to form a consortium to develop and deliver liquefied natural gas fuel systems for Europe’s inland waterways market.

Cryonorm for LNG Ferry, Cement Carrier

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Tanks and Systems for Numerous Other Marine LNG Projects Too

The Netherlands’ Cryonorm Systems is supplying the liquefied natural gas tanks and systems for a new cement carrier by Ferus Smit for Sweden’s Erik Thun, and for the Abel Matutes ferry for Spain’s Baleària.

Argos Combined LNG Bunker Vessel

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It’s to Be the First to Handle Both LNG and Diesel Marine Fuels
And Will Employ a GTT Mark III Membrane Containment System

The Netherlands’ Argos Bunkering is targeting late 2015 delivery of the world’s first combined bunker vessel, a 361-foot/110-meter craft said to be the first ever capable of delivering both liquefied natural gas and marine diesel fuels. updated August 19

Rotterdam Promotes LNG Ports J.V.

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Five Ports Team on LNG Bunkering for Rhine-Main-Danube Corridor

Holland’s Port of Rotterdam has publicized a new agreement between itself and the ports authorities of Antwerp, Mannheim, Rotterdam, Strasbourg and Switzerland to cooperate on a liquefied natural gas fueling infrastructure for river vessels.

Cryonorm Delivers Barge Retrofit Tank

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LNG Work for Danser Is ‘Very First Inland Waterway Container Barge Retrofit in Europe’

Cryonorm reports the April 2 delivery of the liquefied natural gas fuel tank for Danser Containerline’s Eiger push-tow combination. The vessel is being converted for LNG dual fuel operation.

Cryonorm Names MV Eiger Partners

June 11, 2013 in Dual Fuel, LNG, Marine by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

Rommerts Ship Design, Ros Roca Indox Along with Wärtsilä, Koedood

Cryonorm Systems has named Rommerts Ship Design of Zwijndrecht, The Netherlands, as a key partner for the dual fuel retrofit of the Danser Group’s MV Eiger inland container vessel.

Cryonorm Systems for MV Eiger LNG

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Danser Group Inland Waterway Vessel to Get Wärtsilä DF Engines

Cryonorm Systems and partners are fitting the Danser Group’s MV Eiger inland waterway push-tow vessel with a liquefied natural gas fuel system and Wärtsilä LNG-diesel dual fuel engine, Cryonorm reports.

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