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Tote-CME Bunker Barge Is Launched

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Is Being Prepped for Installation of GTT Membrane

The pioneering liquefied natural gas bunker barge being built to support Tote Maritime’s two LNG-fueled ships based in Jacksonville has been launched at the Conrad Orange Shipyard in Texas.

Tote Perla del Caribe Gets Its First LNG

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Delivery by GD Nassco Is Expected on or About January 22,
Early January for First LNG Bunkering of Isla Bella in Florida

General Dynamics Nassco is trumpeting the first liquefied natural gas bunkering for Perla Del Caribe, the second of two 764-foot Marlin-class container ships for Tote, Inc.

CME’s LNG Barge for Tote in February

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Vessel Has 2,200-Cubic-Meter GTT Containment System

Clean Marine Energy said this week that its liquefied natural gas bunker barge to support Tote Maritime’s new container ships in Jacksonville – and other LNG vessels in and around Florida’s Port of Jacksonville and the Southeast – is expected to be launched in February.

GTT Gets Class Society Nods on LNG

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ABS for WesPac Barge, BV and LR for New Concept Vessel

GTT reports classification society approvals for liquefied natural gas-carrying vessels using its structural membrane containment designs.

Keel Laid at Conrad for WesPac Barge

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LNG Bunker Vessel for TOTE Ships to Have GTT Membrane

The Conrad Orange Shipyard in Texas held a keel-laying ceremony yesterday for the liquefied natural gas bunker barge it’s building for WesPac Midstream for service with TOTE.


GTT Progress on the LNG Bunker Barge

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With Membrane Tank, Re-Cooling and Reach4 Bunkering Mast,
‘Distribution of LNG is Now Becoming a Reality in North America’

Structurally integrated membrane storage of liquefied natural gas, an innovative LNG re-cooling system designed to optimize the use of boiloff generated in the tanks, and a bunkering arm known a Reach4 are all to be used as GTT and its partners finalize the design of America’s first LNG bunker barge.

WesPac-CME Orders LNG Barge for TOTE

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America’s First, to Be Built by Conrad with GTT Tank,
Initial Deployment in Tacoma Followed by Jacksonville,
WesPac/CME Says It Has Options with Conrad for More

America’s first barge for liquefied natural gas bunkering has been ordered for service with TOTE, Inc., initially in support of LNG-fueled shipping in Tacoma, Wash. The contract is with Conrad Orange Shipyard, Inc., a division of Conrad Shipyard, LLC, says a release from fuel supplier WesPac Midstream and its finance affiliate, Clean Marine Energy (CME). updated March 11

CME & WesPac for LNG Fuel, Finance

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‘Strategic Partnership Will Ensure the Supply & Delivery of LNG
As Firms Pledge to Fully Finance Necessary Ship Conversions Too

WesPac Midstream and the new Clean Marine Energy are announcing a strategic partnership to bring liquefied natural gas to the marine sector at HHP Summit 2014 in New Orleans today. The firms promise not only to supply the clean marine fuel, but to finance the LNG engines and related accouterments for the ships, backed by multi-billion-dollar Oaktree Capital Management. this item was initially posted on October 6

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