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More NG Advantage CNG for Int’l Paper

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Clean Energy Fuels Unit Reports ‘Virtual Pipeline’ Contract Extension,
Hexagon’s Lightweight, High-Capacity Titan Tube Trailers for Transport

Vermont-based NG Advantage reports an 18-month contract extension for compressed natural gas for International Paper’s mill Ticonderoga, N.Y. NG Advantage operates a “mobile pipeline” of tractor-trailers that deliver CNG around the clock. updated October 27

GD Nassco Delivers Tote’s First LNG Ship

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MAN-Powered Isla Bella Is Destined for Jacksonville-San Juan Service
With Fuel in JaxPort to Be Provided by Pivotal LNG and WesPac Marine

Tote Maritime took delivery today of Isla Bella, the world’s first liquefied natural gas-fueled container ship, from GS Nassco in San Diego. Isla Bella, built according to a Korean design and ABS-classed with MAN Diesel & Turbo LNG-diesel dual fuel main engine and auxiliaries, will connect Jacksonville, Fla. and San Juan, Puerto Rico.

USCG’s New LNG Bunkering Notice

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September 25 Field Notice References ‘Release of LNG and/or Near Misses,’
USCG San Diego References ‘Two LNG Releases’ During Isla Bella Bunkering

The U.S. Coast Guard’s Liquefied Gas Carrier National Center of Expertise in Port Arthur, Texas, has issued a new field notice convening liquefied natural gas bunkering. updated September 29

Clean Energy for the Isla Bella’s First LNG

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Truck-to-Ship Bunkering in July for Sea Trials to Commence in August

Customer TOTE and shipbuilder GD Nassco are working with Clean Energy Fuels for Clean Energy to provide some 20 truckloads of liquefied natural gas for the first LNG bunkering of TOTE’s new Isla Bella.

Isla Bella has twin 900-cubic-meter LNG fuel tanks for a total capacity of about 465,000 gallons.

Isla Bella has twin 900-cubic-meter LNG fuel tanks for a total capacity of about 465,000 gallons. They are seen here being installed at the GD Nassco yard in San Diego.

Isla Bella, the first of two Marlin-class sister vessels that will connect Jacksonville, Fla. with San Juan, Puerto Rico, was launched by GD Nassco in San Diego on April 18 (HHP Insight, April 19). The 764-foot, 3,100-TEU Isla Bella, which is to enter commercial service with TOTE’s Sea Star Line late this year, is the world’s first container ship built to be fueled primarily with the clean domestic fuel.

20 Truckloads to Start

The initial LNG bunkering is slated for mid-July, to power sea trials commencing in August, says GD Nassco project manager Parker Larson. Approximately 20 truckloads of Clean Energy LNG is expected to make for a fill of about 45% of the vessel’s two tanks, he says.

Isla Bella has twin 900-cubic-meter LNG fuel tanks for a total capacity of about 465,000 gallons.

TOTE plans to use LNG to the extent possible for the voyage through the Panama Canal to Florida, says senior VP Pete Keller. Bunkering there will be truck-to-ship using a fleet of ISO containers from Applied Cryo Technologies – pending the building of a JaxPort liquefaction facility by WesPac Marine and Pivotal LNG (HHPi, April 17).

LNG Production in the California Desert

The launch of the second Marlin-class vessel for TOTE is expected in August.

Clean Energy Fuels, which was founded by T. Boone Pickens, is one of the foremost advocates – and providers – of LNG as a fuel for trucks in the United States. Among its production facilities is a 180,000-gallon-per day production facility in Boron, Calif.

Loading up with LNG in Boron, Calif.

Loading up with LNG in Boron, Calif.

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Source: HHP Insight interview

NG Advantage for International Paper

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Agreement for the Ticonderoga Plant in Upstate New York
Marks ‘Highest Volume Use of Trucked CNG To-Date in U.S.’

Vermont’s NG Advantage reports a pact with International Paper to supply natural gas to a mill in Ticonderoga, N.Y. NG Advantage, a unit of Clean Energy Fuels, says that when the operation commences next month, it will be “the highest volume use of trucked CNG to-date in the U.S.”

NG Advantage Takes Place of the Pipe

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Fleet of Tube Trailers Delivers Natural Gas to Industrial Users,
Adding CNG Capacity in New Hampshire with Clean Energy Fuels

NG Advantage is talking up just over a year of shipping natural gas to off-the-pipeline industrial users in Vermont, New Hampshire and northern Massachusetts. The firm uses a fleet of compressed natural gas tube trailers – currently standing at 27 units – to do so.

Clean Energy LNG Shipped to Hawaii

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First-Ever Shipment via ISO Container: 7,100 Gallons

Road natural gas vehicle fuel supplier Clean Energy Fuels says its shipment of approximately 7,100 gallons of LNG to Hawaii Gas this month was the first shipment of liquefied natural gas in Hawaii state history. Hawaii Gas won approval in March from the Hawaii Public Utility Commission to land containerized LNG for use as a back-up fuel source for its Oahu synthetic natural gas facility.

GE: Low Pressure for Locomotive LNG

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‘NextFuel’ Locomotive Trials with BNSF and CSX Railroads Are Planned for 2014
‘One of the Most Significant Developments Since Transition from Steam to Diesel’

GE Transportation will apply its “NextFuel” conversions of Evolution 3000 series locomotives for upcoming trials with the BNSF and CSX railroads. The low-pressure system allows the engines to run on 100% diesel in case there is a problem with liquefied natural gas availability or with onboard fuel delivery.

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Eagle LNG Takes Wing in Florida

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Clean Energy Fuels Talks Up Marine Fueling Possibilities
For Jacksonville Plant Using GE’s MicroLNG Equipment

Clean Energy Fuels said Tuesday that it’s moving to buy land in Jacksonville, Fla. to build a liquefied natural gas plant serving marine, truck and rail markets. It would be the first project to be developed by Eagle LNG Partners, the new consortium of Clean Energy, GE Ventures, GE Energy Financial Services and Ferus Natural Gas Fuels.

Clean Energy, Ferus, GE Form Eagle

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Eagle LNG Born at HHP Summit, to Serve HHP Markets, and Trucks

Clean Energy Fuels, Ferus Natural Gas Fuels, GE Ventures and GE Energy Financial Services have formed Eagle LNG Partners to jointly deliver liquefied natural gas to customers in the rail, mining, marine, and oil and gas services sectors, and for long-haul trucking.

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