HHP Summit Tier 4F Workshop on Oct. 13

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E&P Sector Faces Substantial Impacts from EPA Rule

Organizers of HHP Summit 2016, working with exhibitors Caterpillar and Cummins, are preparing a special workshop on the U.S. EPA’s Tier 4 regulations governing E&P operations. Full implementation of the rule is imminent, “and the impacts on drilling and pressure pumping operations will be substantial” as operators in the U.S. and Canada have approximately one year to purchase Tier 4F-compliant equipment.

Caterpillar Bullish on LNG Mine Trucks

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‘Technology Is Still Viable Even at Today’s Fuel Price Spreads’

In introducing the company’s new dual-fuel LNG powered mine haul truck at this year’s HHP Summit, Caterpillar’s Jeff Castleman, large mining truck new product introduction and strategy manager, provided a positive perspective on cost savings that can be expected, even with today’s low price of diesel fuel.

The Low Price of Oil? It’s An Opportunity!

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See It as a ‘Stress Test’ to Make the Natural Gas Side Stronger,
Speakers Agree at HHP Summit 2015 in Dallas on Wednesday

The low price of oil has some industry players wringing their hands, but the current situation will make the high horsepower natural gas sector stronger, Tana Utley of Caterpillar and Erik Neandross of HHP Summit organizer Gladstein, Neandross & Associates said here in opening the Dallas conference yesterday.

Caterpillar Direct DGB for Mine Trucks

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Dual Fuel Dynamic Gas for Retrofits and from Factory

Caterpillar is outlining plans for outfitting its mine haul trucks with DGB/dynamic gas blending dual fuel kits. Warranted retrofits and new trucks with factory DGB are planned, says gas engine business unit commercial manager Steve Igoe.

Cat CG137-12 Gas Genset Is Certified

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‘Allows Our Customers to Use Flare Gas to Lower Fuel Costs’

Caterpillar reported this morning that its Cat CG137-12 oilfield gas generator set has received Tier 2 SI non-road mobile certification from the U.S. EPA. The unit, which can run on flare gas, is used primarily in oil and gas power generation applications.

Caterpillar Engines Power Rover Pipeline

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Project Marks Largest Horsepower Order Yet: 39 Engines

Caterpillar has notched an order for no fewer than 39 high horsepower engines for the multi-state Rover Pipeline project – “the company’s largest ever single-project order” – and says that they’ll deliver more than 211,000 horsepower.

HHP Summit in Dallas Oct. 27-29

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Marine, Rail, Mining, Drilling, Pressure Pumping, Power Generation

Case studies, sterling speakers and a tour of a major liquefied natural gas production facility are among the attractions as organizers gear up for the 2015 Natural Gas for High Horsepower (HHP) Summit, taking place October 27-29 at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas. updated October 21

The Real Benefits of Natural Gas-Webinar

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Stabilis-Sponsored Pre-HHP Summit Webinar on September 30

Wondering whether it’s worth it to with to natural gas for your high horsepower engines? The organizers of HHP Summit are hosting a webinar titled Calculating the Real Economic & Environmental Savings from Natural Gas Engines at 11:00am Pacific/2:00pm Eastern time on Wednesday, September 30.

‘HDCNG’ for Mine Trucks in Australia

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Mine Energy Solutions Claims Up to 90% Diesel Displacement on Caterpillar 789C
With Modified 3516B Engine and 5,000-psi Composite Fuel Cylinders from Quantum

Australia’s Mine Energy Solutions reports diesel displacement of up to 90% on trials of a Caterpillar 789C mine truck fitted with proprietary dual fuel modification gear. MES is using a fuel system trademarked HDCNG, for high density compressed natural gas. updated June 17

Caterpillar 789C HDCNG demonstration mine truck HDCNG fuel capsule prototype with Quantum cylinders.

Caterpillar 789C HDCNG demonstration mine truck HDCNG fuel capsule prototype with 26-inch-diamter Type IV Quantum cylinders.

MES is a joint venture of Queensland, Australia-based IntelliGas and multinational Sime Darby, which owns the Brisbane-based Caterpillar dealer Hastings Deering.

The MES modification for the Caterpillar 3516B engine is a true sequential port injection system, says U.S. IntelliGas partner John Mitton. The HDCNG system he says, uses 350 bar/5,000-psi fuel cylinders in lieu of the 200 bar/3,000-psi CNG tanks used elsewhere in Australia.

Cold, High-Pressure Gas

The combination of higher pressure, pre-chilling of the gas and other proprietary fill-boosting techniques allows nearly twice as much gas to be stored in the truck’s fuel cylinders, Mitton told HHP Insight. The IntelliGas pre-chilling technology is critical, he says, to prevent heat build-up during rapid fills.

MineEnergySolutions-logoLightweight 26-inch-diameter all-composite carbon fiber-on-polymer Type IV fuel cylinders for the HDCNG system are supplied by Quantum Technologies.

Quantum announced availability of new 640-liter, 5,000-psi tanks this week, stating that it’s shipped 100 units to a foreign-based virtual CNG pipeline customer. “The customer has a proprietary tank fill technology,” Quantum said. (In addition to equipment for operating mine trucks on natural gas, the MES package includes transfer of the gas to the mine, in HDCNG cylinders – the virtual pipeline principle.)

MES says that its “cutting-edge engine and fuel management technology” for the Cat 3516B has enabled diesel displacement of up to 95% on a dynamometer.

Diesel Tanker Trucks Could Be Displaced, Too

“Average diesel displacement in excess of 80% was achieved over the full range of drive cycle conditions simulated by the trials without loss of torque or power,” MES executive director Craig James said in a release.

Trials of the Cat 789C truck on a test track at Morayfield, north of Brisbane, showed up to 90% diesel displacement, MES says.

MES says it is focused exclusively on mining applications, “initially in Australia, and then internationally.” In central Queensland alone, the company says, “there is the potential to take as many as 8,000 diesel tanker trucks off the roads annually between the fuel depots at Mackay and Gladstone and mine sites to the west.”

‘An End-to-End Fuel Solution Never Before Experienced’

“The engine technology is innovative, can be retrofitted to existing mine fleets including dozers, wheel loaders and diesel shovels and integrated seamlessly with existing manned vehicles or autonomous mining machinery,” James said.

Mine Energy Solutions: big plans

Mine Energy Solutions: big plans

MES says it will offer mining companies “an end-to-end fuel solution never before experienced in the industry.

“Many major mine sites throughout Australia are relatively close to natural gas sources and/or gas transmission pipelines,” the firm says. “MES will source gas supplies, compress it to HDCNG, transport it to the mine and provide either automated or mobile re-fueling systems … a complete HDCNG supply chain.”

Easier to Handle than LNG

MES emphasizes that its HDCNG has approximately twice the energy density of conventional CNG and approximately 65% the energy density of liquefied natural gas. “It has less space and weight claim than CNG and none of the safety in handling and other issues that result from the cryogenic nature of LNG,” the company says.

MES proposes to mount HDCNG cylinders on the mine truck in four fuel cassettes, each containing two lightweight tanks. The cassettes would be robotically exchanged at the fueling station on both sides of the truck simultaneously in less than five minutes. “Alternatively,” the company says, an ‘in-pit’ mobile re-fueling service can be provided.”

The next step? In-mine deployment to for extensive reliability and operational trials “as a prelude to commercialization.”

The MES concept is for HDCNG cylinder cassettes, each with two 26-inch-diameter Quantum cylinders, to be robotically exchanged at a fueling station ‘in less than five minutes and on both sides of the truck simultaneously.’

The MES concept is for HDCNG cylinder cassettes, each with two 26-inch-diameter Quantum cylinders, to be robotically exchanged at a fueling station ‘in less than five minutes and on both sides of the truck simultaneously.’ Click here for video.

Contact information is only available to premium subscribers. Click here to purchase a premium subscription.

Source: Mine Energy Solutions with HHP Insight follow-up

Becker Barge Powers Aidasol Cruise Ship

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‘The First Successful Transfer of Power to a Cruise Ship in Europe’

Becker Marine Systems and partners at Germany’s Port of Hamburg are celebrating the first cold-ironing of a cruise ship by the new Hummel “LNG Hybrid Barge,” a specialized vessel with liquefied natural gas-fueled generators designed to provide low-emission electricity to ships in port.

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