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All-Cat DGB Trailer for Propell Oilfield

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Well Stimulation Trailer Is the First with ALL-Caterpillar Equipment:
3516C Engine with Cat DGB for Dual Fuel Natural Gas-Diesel Operation

Caterpillar Oil & Gas has outfitted a natural gas-capable well stimulation trailer for Propell Oilfield Equipment “with all Cat components for the first time in its noted history.”

Caterpillar DGB in China’s Tarim Basin

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Diesel Substitution of 66% for Most of the Load Range

Caterpillar 3512B generator sets with Cat Dynamic Gas Blending allowing the engines to run on a mix of natural gas and diesel have achieved diesel substitution rates of 66% for the majority of the load range for a gas supplier in the Tarim Oilfield in China, “a significant accomplishment in the region,” Cat said this month.

Caterpillar 3512B engines with DGB – dynamic gas blending, allowing them to run in large part on natural gas – are on the job in China.

Caterpillar 3512B engines with DGB – dynamic gas blending, allowing them to run in large part on natural gas – are on the job in China.

Caterpillar dealer China Engineers Limited led Caterpillar efforts on the sale, commissioning and continued product support, the manufacturer reports.

‘Same Transient Load Response’

“For the customer, the primary benefit of the DGB solution was the substitution rate achieved during a comprehensive testing time, delivering unmatched performance in the region,” Caterpillar oil and gas Asia Pacific product support manager Hon Meng Lim said in a release.

“The generator sets delivered the same transient load response operating in dual fuel mode as they did in diesel mode without any unexpected shut-downs or load-sharing issues,” he said.

CNG, LNG or Field Gas

Operators can run the DGB equipment with confidence on compressed natural gas, liquefied natural gas, “and a wide range of field gas,” Caterpillar says. “The system automatically adjusts to changes in gas quality without the need to perform any recalibration or adjustments to the system during or between jobs.”

Cat notes that its DGB kit for land drilling and production includes an EMCP 4.4 panel as standard equipment. In addition to handling such routine generator functions as paralleling and load sharing, the EMCP 4.4 can automatically start and stop generators based on overall rig power demand. The kit is backed by a full factory warranty and designed to be easily ordered through the Cat dealer network.

‘Single-Source Supplier’

“For our customers, it is convenient for us to service as a single-source supplier with flexible, fully-supported power solutions for their operations,” Lim said. “The importance of a factory-issued warranty has undoubtedly contributed to the DGB kits popularity in China.”

The Tarim Basin is in the Xinjiang region of northwest China.

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Caterpillar Oil & Gas with HHP Insight follow-up

Cat Dual Fuel for Drilling, Fracking

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DGB-Modified 3512Cs for Citadel Drilling and Tycrop Pressure Trailers

Caterpillar Oil & Gas has disclosed new customers for its 3512C engines outfitted for natural gas-diesel duel fuel operation with the manufacturer’s own Dynamic Gas Blending kits. The operators are Citadel Drilling for upwards of a dozen drill rigs and Tycrop, for 20 trailers carrying 3512C-powered well stimulation gear.

Apache to Use CNG in Permian Basin

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Certarus Plant Will Support Patterson-UTI Cat 3512s with DGB

Apache Corp is preparing to step up the use of compressed natural gas for its drilling operations, working with Canada’s Certarus and Patterson-UTI Drilling in the Barnhart area of Irion County, Texas, in the Permian Basin.

Three Patterson-UTI rigs powered by Caterpillar 3512 diesel engines will be upfitted with Caterpillar’s DGB (dynamic gas blending) kits to enable them to operate on a mix of natural gas and diesel fuel, Apache says.

a Patterson-UTI drill rig

a Patterson-UTI drill rig

Apache says it “plans to have six rigs operating in this manner by year-end, displacing an anticipated 50% to 70% of the diesel fuel requirement with natural gas.”

‘We Significantly Lower Our Fuel Costs’

Apache is preparing a site on company land next to an existing EnLink gas plant in Garden City, Texas for a Certarus high flow-rate CNG installation.

Apache will arrange an extension from the gas plant’s high-pressure pipeline, install the metering and complete all necessary site work. Certarus will employ twin 300-horsepower IMW compressors to fill tube trailers for delivery of CNG to the drilling sites.

“The massive development of unconventional resource plays with horizontal drilling has created an abundant domestic supply of clean-burning and economic natural gas,” Apache Permian region VP Michael Bose says in a release. “By transforming our drilling rigs to utilize natural gas power, we significantly lower our fuel costs and reduce our carbon footprint,” he said.

Early Autumn Start-Up

“With our experience powering drilling rigs with a blend of natural gas and diesel fuel, we can assure Apache that this transformation should be very successful,” said Patterson-UTI marketing VP Doyce Haney.

The high flow-rate CNG unit should be operational by early fall 2014 to begin bulk CNG delivery to the Apache drilling rigs, says Frank Chapel, natural gas transportation fuels director for Apache. He describes Certarus and Patterson-UTI Drilling as “world class partners” and said, “Their previous experience should be of great benefit in assuring a successful implementation.”

Certarus said that it looks forward “to providing CNG to other E&P companies in the Permian Basin for their drilling rig and hydraulic fracturing engines.”

Apache has previously disclosed work with Schlumberger on CNG-powered fracking in the Granite Wash formation in Oklahoma (HHPi, January 8, 2013).

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Source: Apache Corporation with HHP Insight follow-up

Deen & Veka Form The LNG Group

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Shipper & Builder Team for Inland Europe:
‘Building, Barging, Bunkering and Finance’

The Netherlands’ Deen Shipping and Veka Group have expanded their relationship, establishing The LNG Group for building liquefied natural gas vessels – and putting them to work.

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