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Matson Ships for 2017 Are to Be Powered by the B&W 7S90ME-GI,
‘Largest Dual-Fuel Engines Ever Ordered in Terms of Power Output’

MAN Diesel & Turbo said Monday that it will supply a single two-stroke diesel engine for each of the two new LNG-capable container ships Matson has ordered for the Hawaii trade, and that they will be “the largest dual-fuel engines ever ordered in terms of power output with each engine developing a massive 42,700 kilowatts” – nearly 63,300 horsepower.

Matson has ordered two 850-foot ships, to be built by the Aker Philadelphia Shipyard, for delivery in the third and fourth quarters of 2018. The cost of the 3,600-TEU vessels was stated at $418 million (HHP Insight, November 6).

MAN Diesel & Turbo says it will supply its B&W 7S90ME-GI to power two new dual fuel ships for Matson for 2018.

MAN Diesel & Turbo says it will supply its B&W 7S90ME-GI to power two new dual fuel ships for Matson for 2018.

According to MAN, there are options for three additional ships.

‘Higher Efficiency and Power Concentration’

The ME-GI engines for the two Matson ships, as well “pertaining systems,” will be manufactured by licensee Hyundai, MAN says. They will be able to operate on heavy fuel oil, marine diesel oil, or liquefied natural gas.

“The ME-GI has a number of inherent characteristics that we feel give it a decided advantage in the market,” MAN senior VP for low-speed sales and promotions Ole Grøne said in a release. “Primarily, it is a diesel engine in contrast to the other dual- or triple-fuel engines on the market, which are Otto engines.

‘A Broad Potential Market’

“Simply put,” Grøne said, “engines that operate according to the diesel principle have a higher efficiency and power concentration than those following the Otto principle.”

MAN says that the 7S90ME-GI engines “will have negligible methane slip and no need for restrictive load ramps or other knock-preventing measures.”

The manufacturer also notes that TOTE, which is building two dual fuel container ships for the Caribbean (HHPi, December 4, 2012), has specified MAN’s 8L70ME-GI engines – “the first commercial order for the engine type.”

MAN says it sees “a broad potential market for its ME-GI engine… the ME-GI engine represents a highly efficient, flexible, propulsion-plant solution.”

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Source: MAN Diesel & Turbo with HHP Insight follow-up 

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