GE for Francisco LNG Turbine Service

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Ten-Year Pact to Maintain Twin LM2500 Turbine Engines

GE Marine said this week that it will provide Buenos Aires-based Buquebus with a customized service agreement supporting the two LM2500 turbine engines that power the fast ferry Francisco.

Cryobox to Enter Service for Buquebus

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Argentine President Inaugurates San Vicente Plant

Galileo is celebrating the inauguration by President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner of its facility to provide liquefied natural gas for Francisco, the GE turbine-powered high-speed ferry operated by Buquebus on the Rio Plata between Buenos Aires and Montevideo, Uruguay.

LNG-Fueled Ferry Goes to Work

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Incat, GE, Chart Ferox, Galileo Are All Key to Buquebus Vessel

“The World’s Fastest Ship” continues to garner attention, as the 325-foot turbine-propelled and LNG-diesel dual fuel Francisco – named for the new Argentinean pope – was formally launched this week by Argentina President Christina Fernandez de Kirchner in Buenos Aires.

Incat Delivers the Dual Fuel Francisco

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‘World’s Fastest Ship’ Sets Sail for South America

The dual fuel LNG-diesel Francisco, originally named Lopez Mena but renamed in honor of the first Argentinian pope, has been delivered by Incat Tasmania to the Buenos Aires-based ferry operator Buquebus. The ship left Hobart, Australia on Tuesday and will take about three weeks to sail – on diesel – to South America.

Incat’s LNG Ferry – ‘World’s Fastest Ship’

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GE Turbine-Powered Ferry, the Francisco, Achieves 58.1 Knots

The Australian ferry builder Incat Tasmania has built the world’s first, high speed dual-fuel vehicle and passenger ferry, and says that the Francisco – aka Incat hull 069 and formerly known as the Lopez Mena – has achieved a lightship speed of 58.1 knots, equal to 107.6 kilometers or 66.9 miles per hour.


Incat Ferry Gets Its First LNG Fill-Up

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Clean Fuel for GE Turbines Truck-Bunkered by LNG Refuellers

The Lopez Mena, a pioneering turbine engine-powered ferry built by Incat in Tasmania, got its first load of liquefied natural gas fuel late last week, Incat reports. updated June 3

Galileo Cryobox LNG for Dual Fuel Ferry

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Seven Units to Fuel GE-Powered Buquebus Catamaran in South America

A cluster of seven Cryobox LNG brand liquefied natural gas units will be used to fuel the Lopez Mena ferry to be operated by Buquebus between Buenos Aires and Montevideo. The seven portable units will be able to produce about 49,000 gallons of LNG per day, Galileo says.

Incat Launches LNG Ferry

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Boat for Buquebus in Argentina Has GE Turbine Engines

The Australian shipbuilder Incat Tasmania launched the world’s first high-speed passenger roll-on/roll-off passenger ferry powered by liquefied natural gas, a 325-foot “wavepiercer” catamaran for the South American operator Buquebus. Sea trials are to commence in January.

Chart Ferox LNG for Incat Ferry

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World’s Fastest & Cleanest for Buquebus in Argentina

Czech-based Chart Ferox says it’s been tapped for the LNG fuel system for a 325-foot catamaran ferry to be built by Australia’s Incat. It’s to be the first catamaran powered by twin 27,000-hp natural gas-fueled turbines, Chart Ferox says, and as such will be “the world’s fastest, environmentally cleanest, most efficient, high-speed ferry.”

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