I-5 Clean Fuels for New California LNG

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Panoche Westside Proposes $300 Million Plant for Fresno
At Bay Planning Coalition Briefing This Month in Oakland

California’s Panoche Westside Group is proposing to build a $300 million, million-gallon-per-day natural gas facility in four phases outside Fresno. Liquefied natural gas from the I-5 Clean Fuels plant first would be used to fuel heavy duty trucks in California’s Central Valley, and ultimately for high horsepower applications.

I-5CleanFuelsPhase 1 would cost some $95 million of a total project cost estimated at $300 million, the company says.

Project director Rich Zahner outlined the plans at a recent meeting of the Oakland, Calif.-based Bay Planning Coalition, which held a BPC Expert Briefing workshop on marine LNG for San Francisco Bay on June 11 (HHP Insight, June 11).

‘We Have the Money’

“We have the money to make it through the next phase, the permitting phase,” says Garrett Rajkovich managing partner of the property owner, Panoche Westside Farms. He told HHPi that he’s confident his organization will be able to raise the necessary capital when it comes time to build.

The facility will eventually have 3 million gallons of LNG storage capability.

“I-5 Clean Fuels will be an efficient and environmentally friendly production facility,” the company says.

The (San Francisco) Bay Planning Coalition is organizing a BPC Expert Briefing: Fuels for Transportation for Wednesday, June 11, In Oakland, Calif.

The (San Francisco) Bay Planning Coalition is held its BPC Expert Briefing: Fuels for Transportation meeting on June 11, in Oakland, Calif.

The Phase 1 plant is to be built on some 20 acres, part of a 66-acre Panoche Westside Farms parcel approved for the purpose by the Fresno County Board of Supervisors in May.

Trucks Would Be First

“The site is ideally located near both high-pressure gas and electric transmission systems,” Panoche Westside says, noting that work will include a new 3-mile pipeline spur to bring natural gas feedstock for liquefaction.

“The production process chosen will minimize local impacts and provide regional environmental benefits in the form of lower total pollutant and greenhouse gas emissions from long haul trucking in the near term and eventually rail and maritime vehicles and vessels.”

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Source: Panoche Westside/I-5 Clean Fuels with HHP Insight follow-up



BPC Looks Ahead to LNG as a Marine Fuel

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San Francisco Bay Planning Coalition Forms Panel Covering Energy

Liquefied natural gas as a marine fuel is on the list of topics as the Oakland, Calif.-based Bay Planning Coalition has formed a Water, Energy and Infrastructure Committee. The new BPC panel is to help members handle “issues related to the supply, reliability and pricing of water and energy in Northern California as it impacts of the production and movement of goods.”

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