GE: Low Pressure for Locomotive LNG

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‘NextFuel’ Locomotive Trials with BNSF and CSX Railroads Are Planned for 2014
‘One of the Most Significant Developments Since Transition from Steam to Diesel’

GE Transportation will apply its “NextFuel” conversions of Evolution 3000 series locomotives for upcoming trials with the BNSF and CSX railroads. The low-pressure system allows the engines to run on 100% diesel in case there is a problem with liquefied natural gas availability or with onboard fuel delivery.

this item was initially posted in shorter form on November 15

BNSF Chief Confirms LNG Testing Plans

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But Much Analysis Remains to Be Done, Says Report

BNSF will begins testing liquefied natural gas as a locomotive fuel this autumn, according to chairman and CEO Matthew Rose as quoted in a published report. The pilot project has been planned for more than six months, Rose said in an address at NAPE, the North America Prospect Expo in Houston.

BNSF Plans LNG Trials

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Both GE and EMD Locomotives, Says Railroad Chairman

BNSF says it will begin testing “a small number of locomotives” using liquefied natural gas. Both GE and EMD locomotives will be involved, BNSF chairman Matthew Rose said at the IHS CERAWeek conference of high level executives in Houston yesterday. updated March 15

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