APG Trident for Additional Flare Gas

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American Power Group Reports Second Flare Capture Relationship

American Power Group’s new Trident NGL Services unit “has secured its second flare capture services relationship,” the company says, “with one of the largest oil companies in the world.”

APG Flare Gas for E&P, and for Trucks

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Trident Resources Technology Acquired by American Power Group
Is to Make APG a Fuel Supplier as Well as a Dual Fuel Engine Converter

American Power Group said this morning that it’s acquired proprietary “NGL” (natural gas liquid) technology from North Dakota’s Trident Resources, LLC and will use it to boost the supply of flare gas-derived fuel in the Bakken region of North Dakota.

APG Launches the Dual Fuel S4000

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New Dual Fuel Unit More Useful with Varying Gas Quality

The American Power Group introduced its S4000 series stationary dual fuel system at HHP Summit 2014 in New Orleans. The latest APG system “has been designed to maximize oil and gas field performance utilizing a wider range of pipeline and conditioned well-head gas quality across the various shale basins in North America,” APG says.

APG's Lyle Jensen with the new S4000 gas train at HHP Summit 2014 in New Orleans

APG’s Lyle Jensen with the new S4000 gas train at HHP Summit 2014 in New Orleans

S4000 hardware upgrades include new engine anti-knock protection, upgraded displays, and “improvements to the durability of the hardware given the remote and difficult operating conditions many engines perform under. Software upgrades include telematics remote monitoring, auto-CanBus synchronization and upgraded variable fuel utilization programs.”

‘New Regional Markets’

The new system boasts “the best price, best overall up-time, highest overall average displacement fuel savings and the best operational flexibility and adaptability in the field,” APG stationary business development director Ed Wolf said in a release.

The S4000 is better suited to the various qualities of field gas to be found in new locations, Wolf said.

The S4000 “will open up new regional markets like the Williston/Bakken basin, one of the fastest growing shale areas with approximately 200 rigs operating over 1,000 eligible diesel engines,” said APG CEO Lyle Jensen.

With “overall average diesel displacement running 4% to 5% better than our competition,” he said, the first Williston/Bakken order is already in hand.

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Source: APG and HHP Insight at HHP Summit 2014 in New Orleans

APG Logs $500K Worth of Follow-Ons

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SourceOne Orders 15 More Dual Fuel Kits for a Total of 51

American Power Group reports an order for fifteen of its dual fuel conversion systems valued at approximately $500,000 from Oklahoma’s SourceOne Equipment, an APG dealer for stationary markets.

APG Dual Fuel for Collicutt in Canada

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Purchase Orders Worth $750,000 Since October 1,
Multiple Units Converted for Five Leading Drillers

American Power Group, which offers duel fuel equipment for diesel engines, reports the conversion of “multiple units” for five leading drilling and well service companies in North America, with $750,000 in follow-on purchase orders since October 1 from Collicutt Energy Services, APG’s stationary authorized dealer and certified installer in Alberta and Western Canada.

The orders are for the upgrade and conversion of additional diesel generators on drilling rigs using APG’s “Turbocharged Natural Gas” brand dual fuel system.

APG stationary business development manager Ed Wolf with dual fuel engine conversion equipment

APG stationary business development manager Ed Wolf with dual fuel engine conversion equipment

“Many of our customers drill under some of the harshest operating conditions in North America,” Collicutt Energy CEO Steven Collicutt says in an APG release. “The proven reliability, performance and economic returns of the APG dual fuel solution under these circumstances has led to increasing demand from new and existing customers.”

A Million per Year per Rig?

“APG provides our customers with a significant competitive advantage in a very bottom-line driven industry,” Collicutt said. “Several of our oil and gas drilling and service company clients estimate a potential annual net fuel savings of over $1.0 million dollars per drilling rig using APG’s dual fuel solution.”

“We are already over 250% of last year’s Canadian revenue and anticipate our penetration into the Canadian market to accelerate through our relationship with Collicutt,” said APG CEO Lyle Jensen.

“In addition to the fact our Canadian customers continue to see over 50% diesel displacement ratios, we feel the fact that APG’s dual fuel system was the first and remains the only solution to obtain CSA Inspection and Acceptance stickers in the oil & gas industry to be a strong selling point.

The CSA mark is similar to UL/Underwriters Lab approval in the U.S., Jensen said.

APG describes its dual fuel technology as “a unique non-invasive energy enhancement system” that can make use of LNG, CNG, biomethane or well-head gas, “with the flexibility to return to 100% diesel fuel operation at any time.” Diesel displacement can be as high as 80% of the normal diesel fuel consumption, with average displacement ranging from 40% to 65%.

Ed Wolf is stationary business development manager for APG.

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Source: American Power Group with HHP Insight follow-up 



Consol Testing LNG for Drilling

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Linde Supplying Fuel for SE Pennsylvania Gensets,
Caterpillar Engines Converted to Dual Fuel by APG

Consol Energy is testing diesel-liquefied natural gas dual fuel power for two drilling rigs in southwest Pennsylvania, with Linde supplying LNG for American Power Group-modified Caterpillar engines.

APG for Cudd for Shell Fracking

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20 MTU Engines Converted in Marcellus Region – 45,000 Horsepower

American Power Group is talking up its role in a liquefied natural gas-fueled hydraulic fracturing project with Cudd Energy Services for Shell in the Marcellus Shale. APG this week reported purchase orders worth $1.5 million for its Turbocharged Natural Gas brand dual fuel system, to upgrade 12V4000 engines by MTU Detroit Diesel.

EQT Trumpets ‘Green Drilling’ with Field Gas

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West Virginia Site Uses On-Site Gas to Power Drill

Pittsburgh-based EQT Corp has released details about a second West Virginia drilling rig commissioned for natural gas operation, in this case using “field” gas from on-site production to lower costs “and reduce truck traffic related to diesel deliveries, which in turn lessens the overall environmental footprint.”

EQT Testing LNG on a Marcellus Rig

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Caterpillar Engines Converted by APG with Linde, UGI

Pittsburgh-based EQT Corp has launched a pilot program to convert Marcellus drilling rigs to LNG power, starting with a location in northern West Virginia.
(updated July 9)

APG GreenMan Targets the Frack Patch

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American Power Group reports favorable emission results paving the way for its diesel-natural gas dual fuel retrofits for the many powerful engines used in hydraulic fracturing for natural gas.

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