German Prepares for Its First LNG Ferries

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The Two Dual Fuel Boats Are to Enter Service in April and in June,
Ostfriesland and Helgoland for AG-Ems Both Have Wärtsilä Engines

AG-Ems is preparing to put two liquefied natural gas-diesel dual fuel ferries into operation for the summer season in the North Sea. They are Germany’s first, both powered by Wärtsilä 20DF engines, with fuel to be supplied by Bomin Linde.

Bomin Linde LNG for AG EMS Ferry

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Deal Is Said to Be Germany’s First for LNG as a Marine Fuel

A contract to supply the Ostfriesland ferry is the first-ever in Germany for LNG as a marine fuel, states a joint release by the operator Aktien-Gesellschaft EMS and Bomin Linde LNG.

Wärtsilä for LNG Dual Fuel Ferry Retrofit

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Twin 20DF Engines and LNGPac Fuel System for Ostfriesland

Finland’s Wärtsilä has reported a contact for the key equipment to retrofit a German ferry that services an ecologically sensitive area with duel fuel engines to run primarily on natural gas.

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