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Energy Production – E&P
Oil and gas exploration and production companies are huge consumers of their own products, with powerful and predominantly diesel engines in near-continuous operations at thousands of drill sites.

Increasingly common hydraulic fracturing operations require even more power, and hence larger and more numerous engines to drive the fracking operations’ compression pumps.

E&P firms have publicized efforts to convert their drill rig engines to natural gas or duel fuel-natural gas-diesel operation. Engine manufacturers and conversion companies, as well as natural gas fuel supply and processing companies, and oilfield service suppliers, are all getting into the act.

Encana, helping lead the switch, says it saved $11 million in fuel behind its nascent conversion efforts in 2011.

Pennsylvania’s EQT has just jumped into the fray, tapping start-up GreenMan-APG to convert three Caterpillar engines at a small West Virginia site, with industrial gas giant Linde supplying the equipment to handle the LNG fuel.

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