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Two Locomotive Units Converted with CLH Are in Service,
Two More Engine Kits Have Been Prepared and Delivered

Washington State’s Energy Conversions, Inc., working with its distributor CLH Gaseous Fuel Applications in New Delhi, has prepared and shipped the equipment to convert two additional locomotives to compressed natural gas-diesel dual fuel operation for Indian Railways. updated July 29

ECI and New Delhi's CLH Gaseous Fuel Applications have converted two Indian Railway's locomotives to CNG operation, and are preparing to commission two more this year.

ECI and New Delhi’s CLH Gaseous Fuel Applications have converted two Indian Railway’s locomotives to CNG operation, and are preparing to commission two more this year.

The first of two DEMU (diesel electric multiple unit) passenger locomotives converted to CNG-diesel dual fuel operation by ECI and CLH was commissioned for service in 2013. The second was commissioned in June 2015, says ECI president Scott Jensen.

They operate in the Delhi area, connecting Delhi with Meerut to the immediate northeast, and between Rewari and Farukhnagar, to the southwest.

ECI has since received an order for two more kits to convert existing diesel engines to LNG-diesel dual fuel, Jensen says. “These have been built up and are crated up, and ready to ship,” he told HHP Insight.

Cummins KTA50 Engines, 160-DGE Fuel Systems

All four of the locomotives have Cummins KTA50 engines. The conversions allow them to operate primarily on natural gas in throttle positions two through eight.

CLH designed and installed the locomotives’ 3,600-psi CNG fuel systems. They each have forty 75-water-liter fuel cylinders, from various suppliers, for a total of about 160 diesel gallon equivalents.

The company has prepared the CNG fuel assemblies for the two additional units.

Jensen says he expects the third and fourth CNG locomotives to be commissioned during the fourth quarter of this year.

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Source: ECI & CLH with HHP Insight follow-up

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