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Premium Subscribers receive valuable industry contact information, access to breaking alternative fuel news alerts, the inside scoop on industry events, advertising discounts, and access to a database of key fleet management professionals.

Premium subscriptions are available at the low rate of $297 per year. Upon subscribing, HHP Insight insiders will gain access to a wealth of compelling data on natural gas for high horsepower applications, with articles, insight into trends, and valuable contacts for unparalleled access to the people who are bringing clean, compliant fuels to marine, rail, mining, construction and E&P markets.

We guarantee that HHP Insight will deliver a comprehensive overview of the fundamental and even historic changes that are taking place in these high power, critically important industries – and will connect you with those that you need to know to improve the quality of your own business. No other industry news source offers the combination of enhanced announcements (we’re not just resending straight press releases) and not-seen-anywhere-else reporting.

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One Year Subscription to HHP Insight
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Multi-User Licenses & Benefits
HHP Insight multi-user licenses are now available to maximize access to the industry’s newest source of high horsepower natural gas news – while reducing your firm’s per-user cost. Multi-user licenses are available for companies seeking to gain HHP Insight Premium Subscriber access for five or more users. Your people will enjoy all the benefits of a Premium Subscription to HHP Insight including of-the-moment news (always with detailed contact information), advertising and exhibition discounts, and archived issues of HHP Insight at a special discounted rate for your company or organization.

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An HHP Insight News Subscription is free and provides access to the latest breaking news stories. Please note that free news subscriptions do not include the Premium Subscription benefit of database contact information for key alternative fuel industry players.

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