Lloyd’s Nod for HMD LNG Bunker Vessel

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Hyundai Mipo Dockyard Design to Meet Zeebrugge Needs:
‘Risks Are Being Addressed from the Very Start,’ Says Lloyd’s

Lloyd’s Register has granted an approval in principle to Korea’s Hyundai Mipo Dockyard for the design of a liquefied natural gas bunker vessel capable of supporting 20,000-TEU container ships. The design is based on requirements for the port of Zeebrugge LNF terminal in Belgium, Lloyd’s says in the AiP announcement.

Korea’s Hyundai Mipo Dockyard has designed three LNG bunker vessels capable of fueling the largest LNG container ships.

Korea’s Hyundai Mipo Dockyard has designed three LNG bunker vessels capable of fueling the largest LNG container ships.

“The design will be capable of supplying both small scale requirements and the current maximum expected requirements for large ships trading worldwide,” Lloyd’s says.

HMD describes a 6,600-cubic-meter (1.7-million-gallon), 390-foot (119-meter) vessel as one of a trio of proposed designs.

Three Prototypes

“We have steadfastly invested in developing the wide variety of gas ship design not only to respond quickly to the market demand and but also to lead the market,” HMD initial planning division executive VP Chang-hyun Yoon says in the Lloyd’s release.

“For this reason,” he said, “we have prepared three prototype of 6,600-cubic-meter (single or twin screw) and 15,000-cubic-meter class dual fueled LNG bunkering vessels targeting to operate in Zeebrugge small LNG terminal for LNG fuel in order to develop a global market for the LNG bunkering business.”

‘Another Significant Step’

“We are at the start of the LNG bunkering era,” Lloyd’s gas technology manager Leo Karistios says in the classification society’s release. “The industry is developing technical solutions to support commercial and regulatory requirements. No one knows at what speed the commercial take-up of gas-fueled shipping will now proceed but concrete technical progress is being made…

“This HMD design is another significant step in the requirements for safe, efficient gas bunkering worldwide,” Karistios said.

“As LNG-fueled shipping develops we need to make sure that the risks are being addressed from the very start,” said Lloyd’s marine and offshore innovation director Luis Benito.

‘Into the Big Time’

“The scale of these requirements and need to understand the risks are being supported by our rigorous approaches to identifying and managing risk,” Benito said. “Our stakeholders – shipbuilders, shipowners, ports, terminals and regulators – and society – need assurance that those risks are being properly addressed as LNG infrastructure now moves into the big time.

“This involves meeting international standards and LR has been leading the way in the internationalization of LNG fuelled infrastructure.”

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Source: Lloyd’s Register with HHP Insight follow-up

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