Shell to Supply LNG for Aida Cruise Ships

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Two Large New Ships Committed to Using LNG in Port

Carnival’s Aida Cruises unit in Europe has named Shell as its “new strategic partner” and supplier of liquefied natural gas to power the new AidaPrima and sister ship AidaPerla while in port. AidaPrima was recently delivered by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, which built the vessel in Nagasaki.

AidaPrima in Nagasaki, Japan

AidaPrima in Nagasaki, Japan

“In Shell, we have a strong global partner who will forge a new path with us in establishing LNG within the maritime industry,” Aida president Felix Eichhorn said in a release.

“With the supply of LNG to AidaPrima when she is docked, we are setting a clear trend in terms of environmental and climate protection.”

‘We Believe in LNG’

“We believe in LNG,” Eichhorn said.

The preparations and initial permit procedures for the ports of Hamburg, Southampton, Le Havre, Rotterdam and Zeebrugge are already well underway, Aida says, and the required infrastructure is being installed.

LNG trucks, loaded in Rotterdam and Zeebrugge “will ensure the supply of LNG to AidaPrima.”

Parent Carnival Is Buying LNG Ships

Depending on the docking period, the operator says, AidaPrima will take on between 11.5 and 30.2 tons of LNG per stop.

Aida said it may begin test operations in the first ports “in the coming weeks.”

Aida parent Carnival last year announced an order for four LNG-fueled cruise ships (HHP Insight, June 15, 2015).

AidaPrima is to be christened in Hamburg on May 7.

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Source: Aida Cruises with HHP Insight follow-up

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