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LNG Specialist Sees Opportunity in the Emerging Marine Sector,
Wants to Supply All-Size Vessels, All the Way Up to Container Ships

Pennsylvania’s Rev LNG, itself a spinoff of a pioneering operator of liquefied natural gas-fueled tractor trailers, has formed Rev LNG Marine LLC to serve emerging maritime outlets for the clean-burning fuel, starting in the Great Lakes and inland waterways markets.

Rev LNG is eager to apply its extensive experience in moving and delivering liquefied natural gas to the service of the marine industry.

Rev LNG is eager to apply its extensive experience in moving and delivering liquefied natural gas to the service of the marine industry.

Rev LNG Marine is promoting a concept Rev LNG CEO David Kailbourne refers to as “instant infrastructure,” whereby LNG can be delivered to marine vessels using mobile fueling units or on a truck-to-ship basis, with service progressing to shoreside installations and/or bunker barges as warranted.

“Bunkering facilities will definitely need to be built or barges brought into play,” he says.

Pricing on a Simple Per Gallon Basis

“Everything in the marine market for LNG will be on a step-by-step basis,” Kailbourne says. Fuel will be supplied on a simple price per gallon basis, with a per-gallon tab covering the entire logistical supply chain.

Rev LNG transporter/mobile fueler

Rev LNG transporter/mobile fueler

Rev LNG Marine headquarters will be in Houston. Waller Marine veteran Tom Laird is Rev LNG Marine CEO. Kailbourne is Rev LNG Marine chairman, and Jim Wait is Rev LNG Marine president and COO. Both Laird and Wait have been LNG carrier captains.

Laird told HHP Insight that the new company plans to systematically establish a network that will provide LNG as a marine fuel to small vessels, tugs, and even the large ocean-going container ship market.

E&P Supply Experience

Kailbourne explains that Rev LNG was born in 2012 of Rev Hoopes Trucking, which operates about 50 tractor trailers and was the first in Pennsylvania to transition to LNG fuel – which now powers about half the fleet. Rev LNG’s mission is to deliver LNG, primarily to off-road users like drill rig and frack operators. Rev LNG has approximately ten trucks, half of them LNG-fueled.

Rev LNG is one of the largest LNG fuel suppliers in the eastern U.S., Kailbourne says, “where we are proven, safe, and experienced operators in sourcing, transporting and dispensing LNG for our clients.

“We have supply agreements with every peak shaving and merchant plant east of the Mississippi,” he says, and will draw on those connection to ensure a supply of LNG for marine customers as well.

The formation of Rev LNG Marine, Kailbourne told HHPi, “effectively expands our vertically integrated structure beyond existing land-based high horsepower diesel replacement markets to also include LNG marine transport and bunkering.”

‘Turnkey LNG Sourcing’

“Its sole purpose is to integrate turnkey LNG sourcing for our customers.”

“Whether it be LNG marine bunkering, short-sea shipping in bulk and/or ISO containers, Rev LNG Marine LLC will be tasked with developing for its clients efficient logistical and distribution strategies,” states a release.

RevLNG-logoThe new firm will offer “an all-inclusive turnkey LNG marine transport and/or bunkering solution within the commercially navigable waters of the United States and North American Emission Control Area (ECA)…

‘An Extremely Attractive Alternative Energy Choice’

“The company will work closely with the industry at large and regulatory bodies as it looks to commercialize marine-based LNG service operations coast-to-coast.”

“We believe that LNG is an extremely attractive alternative energy choice for the marine application,” Kailbourne says. “LNG offers substantial benefits in fuel savings, price stability, and environmental benefits all while being supplied by a safe and abundant North American fuel source.”

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Source: Rev LNG and Rev LNG Marine with HHP Insight follow-up


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  1. Great article, great approach to market and it appears you have certainly jump started your marine commercial aspect by bringing on board Tom Laird and Jim Wait . Tremendous start, great commercial kick off with a very sound nucleus, CONGRATULATIONS !! Sincerely, Phil Nugent

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