APG Gets License for Tribal Land Flare Gas

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Deal with MHA Nation for Fort Berthold Reservation in Bakken

The American Power Group reports a TERO/Tribal Employment Rights Office agreement with the MHA Nation (Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara tribes), paving the way for increased use of APG technology and equipment to help reduce gas flaring in North Dakota’s Bakken energy fields.

APG-Trident NGL 'Flare To Fuel' unit for methane and related commercial gas extraction in the Bakken region of North Dakata.

APG-Trident NGL ‘Flare To Fuel’ unit for methane and related commercial gas extraction in the Bakken region of North Dakota (HHP Insight, September 21, 2015)

The pact applies to oil and gas production activities on the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation (FBIR). APG flare capture work there is to be contracted though the MHA Nation member-owned Sakakawea Energy.

“We have been looking for a flare capture technology that can meet our current and future flare capture objectives in addition to providing an opportunity to utilize portions of the flared gas as a future lower cost fuel for our tribal members,” Sakakawea Energy CEO Bernie Fox says in the APG release.

Trident NGL

“We believe that American Power Group’s Trident NGL process technology provides us with the best ability to meet all of our needs and Sakakawea Energy looks forward to working with APG to begin implementation plans to fulfill our vision,” Fox said.

“Our TERO business license provides APG priority access to work closely with Sakakawea Energy and the various MHA Nation environmental and economic development committees to improve the flare capture rate,” said APG CEO Lyle Jensen.

Dual Fuel Conversions Too

“We are very familiar with many of the oil and gas companies operating well sites on the FBIR after successfully converting many of their drill rigs to dual fuel in other shale regions of North America,” Jensen said. “We look forward to expanding our flare capture and recovery capabilities as well as our dual fuel conversions to all areas of the Bakken.”


‘Keepers of the Bakken’

APG’s “Fueled By Flare” technology allows field gas that would other be wasted to power drill and production site engines (HHP Insight, September 21, 2015).

Lots of Opportunity

According to APG’s announcement, the North Dakota Department of Mineral Resources reported that as of March 2016, there were 1,435 active well sites on FBIR, with 173 well sites waiting for completion, 548 approved drilling permits, and 1,805 additional potential well sites. The North Dakota Industrial Commission reported there are nineteen oil and gas companies operating well sites on the FBIR, APG says, and “many have yet to meet their flare capture regulations which can now be satisfied with APG’s technology.

“The total operator flare volumes on FBIR horizontal wells in calendar year 2015 totaled over 12 million cubic feet of flared gas,” APG says.

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Source: APG/American Power Group with HHP Insight follow-up

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