Hexagon Titan XL Approved, XNG Order

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New Order Is Worth Some $8 Million Plus a $16 Million Option
And Will Allow ‘Greater Reliability Through Volume Efficiencies,’
DoT Titan Permit Is Extended to Include Include Heavier XL Model

Hexagon Lincoln has reported a new order from Xpress Natural Gas for Hexagon’s Titan XL tube trailers for transporting compressed natural gas. The order is worth an estimated $8 million, Hexagon says, with deliveries to commence in the fourth quarter. Hexagon reported today that it’s received U.S. DoT approval of the high-capacity Titan XL model.

XNG Order News Was Initially Posted on June 27

Including options, the new Xpress Natural Gas orders for Hexagon Lincoln’s high-capacity Titan XL tube trailers for CNG could be worth as much as $24 million.

Including options, the new Xpress Natural Gas orders for Hexagon Lincoln’s high-capacity Titan XL tube trailers for CNG could be worth as much as $24 million.

“The order coincides with the expected U.S. DoT approval of the Titan XL and includes an option to further purchase additional trailers worth up to $16 million.” Hexagon said. It “is contingent on receiving an extension of the current U.S. DOT special permit by 15 July for Hexagon Composites’ Titan to also include Titan XL.”

“Our customers are focused on utility-grade gas solutions to convert their operations to natural gas,” Xpress Natural Gas CEO John Nahill says in the Hexagon release. “The Titan XL will enable us to offer greater reliability through volume efficiencies,” he said.

Almost Half Again as Much Capacity

A 40-foot Titan XL trailer can carry up to 3,640 diesel gallon equivalents of CNG at 3,600 psi, compared with 2,517 DGEs for a standard Titan trailer with four 40-foot CNG cylinders. The Titan XL has an additional 30-foot cylinder, as well as seven of Hexagon’s Magnum cylinders, allowing it to carry nearly 45% more product.

“The Titan XL further allows the operation of a Mobile Pipeline in places where physical pipeline build either is too costly or environmentally challenging,” said Hexagon VP Frank Häberli.

24,000 Pounds of Product

The Titan XL, Hexagon says, was introduced to Latin America in 2015. It “represents the globally largest volume road trailer” for CNG transportation. Its unique, ultra-light carbon fiber Type 4 cylinders allow it to meet the GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating) limitations of several U.S. states.”

A fully loaded Titan XL weighs approximately 66,645 pounds. Empty, the Titan XL trailer weighs 42,415 pounds.

“Titan XL transports 44% more gas than Titan 4,” Hexagon mobile pipeline VP Frank Häberli says in this morning’s DoT approval announcement. “Companies will benefit from fewer trips, reduced operating costs and increased competitiveness,” he said.

‘We Expect to Use These Trailers Widely’

Boston-based XNG ships CNG by road in the U.S. and Canada (HHP Insight, October 21, 2015).

“Canada, Maine, and much of the northwest already allow for up to 105,000 GVW transportation, and other states will support loads on a special permit basis,” says XNG executive VP Matt Smith.

“We expect to use these trailers widely,” he told HHPi.

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Source: Hexagon Composites with HHP Insight follow-up

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