Cryopeak Provides LNG Training in B.C.

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Hands-On LNG Safety Training for More BC Ferries and Seaspan

Cryopeak reports completing liquefied natural gas safety training for more than 100 mariners from BC Ferries and Seaspan Ferries, which have committed to deploying LNG-fueled passenger and freight ferries, respectively, in the Vancouver area.

Shell LNG for Two Carnival Cruise Ships

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Two Carnival Corp Vessels Will be the World’s First,
Sailing on Natural Gas in European Waters from 2019

Netherlands-based Shell Western LNG BV will supply liquefied natural gas fuel for two large cruise ships being built by Carnival Corporation, Shell said Monday. The vessels are to start sailing in northwest Europe and the Mediterranean in 2019.

HHP Summit 2016: Two Weeks Away

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Fifth Annual High Horsepower Natural Gas Event
Takes Place at McCormick Chicago October 11-13:
Mines See ‘Value Proposition Offered by Natural Gas’

The fifth edition of the High Horsepower (HHP) Summit – the only conference and exhibition dedicated to the use of natural gas as a fuel for improving the economic and environmental performance of large engines across the major markets, takes place October 11-13 at McCormick Place in Chicago.

The HHP Summit brings participants get detailed knowledge about natural gas as a fuel for equipment operators wishing to reduce their costs, improve their environmental performance, and comply with air quality regulations. The HHP Summit is the only gathering serving the common interests of the various HHP sectors.

Natural Gas for Mines

Organizer and HHP Insight publisher GNA/Gladstein, Neandross & Associates has just released the latest in a series of sector-specific articles, detailing the progress of natural gas fuel in the mining sector.

Cameron Brown of Western Copper & Gold, Brendan Marshall of the Canadian Mining Association, Steve Igoe of Caterpillar and Larry Davey of Teck Resources are to discuss the use of natural gas in mining at HHP Summit 2016 in Chicago.

Cameron Brown of Western Copper & Gold, Brendan Marshall of the Canadian Mining Association, Steve Igoe of Caterpillar and Larry Davey of Teck Resources are to discuss the use of natural gas in mining at HHP Summit 2016 in Chicago. Click image or here for the HHP Summit 2016 agenda.

Several new initiatives for liquefied natural gas for mine vehicles and onsite power generation were disclosed in recent weeks, “a clear sign of the value proposition offered by natural gas in this HHP segment.”

Among the recent examples,

  • Ferus Natural Gas Fuels (Ferus NGF) has signed an MOU with the Vancouver-based Casino Mining Corporation – which is owned by Western Copper and Gold – and Selwyn Chihong Mining group to supply LNG to mine projects in the Yukon and Northwest Territories. A new LNG production plant with 600,000 gallons per day of total capacity will be constructed in British Columbia to serve the mining operations. These LNG fueled mining projects will reduce a total of 255,000 tons of CO2 emissions compared to what would otherwise be diesel-fueled operations.
  • GFS Corp (“Gaseous Fuel Systems”)has extended its range of dual fuel kits, already available for certain Caterpillar and Komatsu mine haul trucks, to the Caterpillar 785 truck and model 9920 wheel loaders. GFS just announced a double-digit order, with deliveries to commence in January as the driver for the new kits.
  • Teck Resources is testing six dual fuel LNG haul trucks at its steelmaking coal operation in British Columbia, with fuel being sourced locally in BC.
  • Arch Coal and Alpha Coal West – two of the largest operators in the famed Powder River Basin in Wyoming – have both run LNG demonstration projects in their haul truck operations in the last several years.
  • Barrick Gold is converting the fuel supply at the power plant that provides electricity to its Pueblo Viejo Mine in the Dominican Republic. LNG is replacing heavy fuel oil there and is reducing operating costs with a minimal capital investment. The company additionally plans to convert the fuel supply at its lime kilns to LNG by 2017.
  • Wellgreen Platinum has deployed GE Jenbacher gas engines for a complete power generation and transmission network operating from a nickel-copper mining project in the Yukon Territory of Canada. Ferus supplies the LNG to power these generators, which will also allow Yukon communities to benefit from this lower-cost fuel.
  • Stornoway Diamond Corporation has procured LNG from Gaz Metro, which will truck the fuel to its Quebec mine. Natural gas will be used to fuel the gas generator sets at the Renard Diamond Project’s power plant.
  • Omya Industries has replaced fuel oil with LNG at its quarry in Vermont, with its massive LNG fuel storage facility provided by Chart Industries. The manufacturer of calcium carbonate will utilize LNG to produce heat for industrial processes, and has contracted with Casella to employ a fleet of LNG ore trucks to haul stones from the quarry.

“Progressive mining customers understand the long-term benefits of a natural gas pathway and are increasing moving to this low emission and low and stable cost energy source,” GNA says.

Deep Experience

“Since its inception, the HHP Summit has served as the official meeting place of high horsepower industry stakeholders to discuss the opportunities and challenges offered by natural gas in high-fuel use operations,” GNA says.

'Casino is poised to be the premier copper-gold mine in Canada and the flagship mine for the Yukon,' says Western Copper and Gold.

Ferus Natural Gas Fuels has signed agreements to supply LNG fuel to power two new mine projects in northwest Canada (HHP Insight, September 21).

The GNA team draws on insight gathered from more than 20 years of clean transportation and energy consulting experience. “We’ve worked side by side with high horsepower and natural gas innovators to pioneer North America’s largest and most forward-thinking clean fuel projects,” the company adds.

‘No Longer Conceptual’

“The past few years have shown us that this is an idea whose time has certainly come,” GNA says: “discussions are no longer conceptual, and what was once theory is now becoming practice.

“By collaborating to drive infrastructure development, technology and engine advancements, and the creation of up-to-date regulations and policies, all high horsepower sectors stand to benefit economically.”

HHP Sector Updates

In addition to the just published Unearthing Opportunities for Cost Savings & Emission Reductions on mining, GNA has prepared brief reports citing key examples of natural gas utilization in the high horsepower sector:

Rail: All Aboard: Gas Locomotive Projects Continue to Gain Steam

LNG Marine Fuel: A Real Hot Spot for a Cold Fuel

No Pipeline, No Problem: How Utilities are Reaching New Customers with Less Groundwork

Caterpillar, Chart Industries and Pivotal LNG are presenting sponsors of HHP Summit 2017.

Caterpillar, Chart Industries and Pivotal LNG are presenting sponsors of HHP Summit 2016.

The three-day HHP Summit conference will provide insight on:

  • Innovative supply chain solutions that are being developed and implemented from the northern Yukon territories to the Caribbean to support projects well beyond the reach of a traditional natural gas pipeline;
  • recently identified opportunities to deliver LNG to 23 power generation and 58 industrial customers in Canada’s North, projects that will result in $2.1 billion in cost savings and more than 11 million tonnes of CO2 emission reductions;
  • insight from end-users on the challenges, benefits, and considerations associated with the development of an off-pipeline natural gas remote power generation and industrial projects;
  • how ongoing environmental regulations, carbon programs, and sustainability initiatives will continue to drive investments in natural gas technologies across the marine, rail, mining, E&P, and off-pipeline industrial sectors;
  • an overview of the progressive and comprehensive training programs being implemented to ensure personnel safety and achieve operational success and maximum project results; and
  • efforts to supply lower carbon LNG to the HHP market via innovative LNG production plants powered by renewable energy and the use of renewable natural gas (RNG) sources.

HHP Summit 2016 value registration ends October 7.

View the HHP Summit 2016 Agenda

Download the HHP Summit 2016 Event Overview

HHP Summit info, Alexis Wiley, 310-573-8552 or 310-314-1934 (GNA main); or toll-free 888-993-0302; [email protected]

More HHP Summit 2016 contacts at GNA

Contact information is only available to premium subscribers. Click here to purchase a premium subscription.

Source: GNA/Gladstein, Neandross & Associates with HHPi follow-up

Titan LNG’s ‘Pontoon’ Bunkering Unit

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LNG Flex-Fueler Is Described as ‘the Missing Link’

The Netherlands’ Titan LNG is promoting a new and economical concept for liquefied natural gas bunkering. The company says it has “designed and developed the first LNG bunkering pontoon in northwest Europe, the Titan LNG Flex-Fueler.”

Shell Is in Business at Rotterdam Gate

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Veder LNG Carrier Coral Methane Takes on First LNG Cargo

Shell has commenced operations at the new Gate/Gas Access to Europe terminal at the Port of Rotterdam, loading its chartered liquefied natural gas carrier Coral Methane there for the first time on September 19.

Lloyd’s & Koreans LNG Bunkering Pact

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Collaboration to Study Ship-to-Ship LNG Bunkering
Given Current Absence of Standards and Guidelines,
Goal Is ‘to Help All Stakeholders with Interest in LNG’

Lloyd’s Register says it’s collaborating with Hyundai Heavy Industries and Hyundai Mipo Dockyard on a compatibility study of ship-to-ship bunkering of liquefied natural gas container ships. The study “will comprehensively review the design requirements between 6.6K LNG bunkering ships and 14K TEU LNG-fueled container ships with the goal of verifying safe ship-to-ship LNG bunkering…

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Kooiman Develops LNG Inland Pusher

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LR-Approved Design Calls for Wärtsilä 20DF Engines

Netherlands-based Kooiman Marine has developed a push boat with a liquefied natural gas-diesel dual fuel propulsion system. The design is Lloyds Register- and CCNR/Central Commission for the Navigation of the Rhine-approved, Kooiman says.

HHP Summit 2016 Full Speaker Roster

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Chicago Event Will ‘Showcase the Important Progress and
Continued Momentum Across the Range of HHP Segments’

Organizers of next month’s 2016 High Horsepower Summit have released the full speaker roster for the event taking place October 11-13 at McCormick Place in Chicago.

The item was initially posted on September 9.

Pioneering LNG Delivery in Poland

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PGNiG and Lotos Provide Fuel for New Siem PSV:
‘Very First Logistic Project of This Kind in Poland’

Polish Oil & Gas Company SA said Tuesday that with Gdańsk-based Grupa Lotos SA it’s delivered a first load of liquefied natural gas to be used as a bunker fuel for Siem Harmony, an LNG-diesel dual fuel-powered platform supply vessel being built by Remontowa, also in Gdańsk.

Wärtsilä Power for Swedish Foursome

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34DF Engines for Vessels Ordered Last Year by Gothia Alliance:
‘Environmentally Friendly Tankers Will Run Mainly on LNG Fuel’

Wärtsilä said Monday that it will supply 34DF engines – liquefied natural gas-diesel dual fuel – to power four product tankers ordered late last year for Sweden’s Gothia Tanker Alliance.

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